Foods You Should Never Feed Your Rabbits

Do you love keeping a rabbit for sale or are you keeping rabbits for their love? If yes, then the information provided below will benefit you. As a rabbit keeper, you need to know that a rabbit has a specialized digestive system that is different from the digestive systems of other small animals. Many people think that feeding rabbits are an easy task that involves uprooting any plant material from the field and taking it to the cage for rabbits to feed. Taking any plant material from the garden to the rabbits is one of the surest ways of endangering the lives of your rabbits. As a rabbit keeper, you need to know the right bunny foods to give them. The information provided below explains some of the rabbit’s foods that could harm or kill them. Some of these foods include the following:


Potatoes are sources of starch for human beings. However, providing them to your bunnies might bring about issues with their digestive system. The rabbits might not get poisoned, but their digestive system might be severely affected leading to sickness.


Bunnies require vegetables to supplement their fiber requirements for proper digestion. Cauliflower is a type of vegetation that should not be fed to bunnies. The cauliflower affects rabbits’ digestive system since it causes them to bloat and become gassy. The plant should be avoided and replaced with beets or radishes.


Rhubarb is a common plant found in various fields. The plant should not be used to feed the rabbits because it is poisonous. Rhubarb has a potential threat of leading to the death of your rabbits when consumed fresh from the field.


Walnuts are rich in fat content which may not be suitable for your rabbits. You should avoid these products since they cause abnormal reactions in your rabbits’ digestive system.


Most of the lettuces contain lactucarium which affects the digestive system of the rabbits leading to diarrhea. Iceberg lettuce contains a large amount of lactucarium which is responsible for runny stools in rabbits. Excessive diarrhea can lead to the death of your rabbits.


You should avoid feeding all types of grains to your rabbits to prevent teeth problems and digestive tract infections. Grains such as rice, maize should be highly avoided to keep your rabbit healthy.

Meat and eggs

Rabbits are herbivorous animals, and thus any products containing meat or eggs should be avoided. The digestive system of rabbits does not have the mechanism to digest these products.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as butter or yogurt should never be fed to your rabbits. These products contain high amounts of natural sugars that could affect the teeth of the rabbits. These products can also lead to overgrowth of harmful intestinal bacteria severely affecting the digestive system.


Avocados are poisonous to the rabbits and should not be included in a rabbit’s diet. The leaves, seeds and fleshy skin are all poisonous when ingested by the rabbit and cause death.

Junk food such as cookies, chips, and pasta

These foods have high amounts of sugar which can be harmful to the rabbits’ digestive system. These foods cause the overgrowth of bacteria in the guts which can lead to the death of the rabbits

Photo credit: pchan201