How caring for a Flemish Giant Rabbit

When it comes to caring for rabbits, one breed that requires specific care is the Flemish Giant rabbit. This old breed came from Belgium and England and is one of the larger rabbit breeds with a weight up to 22 lbs. If you find a Flemish Giant for sale and want to take on the care of this animal, it’s important to know Flemish Giant care recommendations.

Caging Basics

This breed of rabbit can live in an indoor or outdoor enclosure. If kept outside, the rabbit should have a hutch. All types of enclosures need to be large enough so that the rabbit has room to stretch out. This usually means a space of at least 3×4 feet. Some owners will even have dog crates.

However spacious the enclosure is though, Flemish Giants need to spend plenty of time outside of their cages. Allow the rabbit time to hop around freely and get some exercise. Some owners will have a fenced-in area or similar spaces. Make sure that the area is enclosed to avoid predators or the rabbit escaping.

Food and Nutrition

When it comes to feeding your Flemish Giant, their nutrition needs are not any different than other types of rabbit breeds but they will need more food due to their size. Rabbit food generally consists of pellets and adult rabbits will eat about 1/4 cup of pellets for every five pounds that they weigh.

It’s also a good idea to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Flemish Giants enjoy carrots, lettuces, celery, pears, and peaches in addition to hay. These foods are more supplementary but are enjoyed by the breed.

Giant Rabbit Feeding

Flemish Giant Health

The good news for owners of Flemish Giants is that they are not very susceptible to hereditary diseases or complications. The most common problem to be aware of is the potential for overgrown teeth. Since their teeth grow through their lives, provide straw mats or rabbit-specific wood blocks for them to wear down their teeth.

Rabbits should also be checked regularly for ear mites. These are more common with outdoor rabbits. It may also be a good idea to provide a small amount of deworming paste twice a year for Bodybuilding supplement clipart k11677670 fotosearch does fake viagra work hyperemia and bodybuilding ~ total bodybuilding. preventative measures although you can check with your vet.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the basic care down for Flemish Giants in hand, you can consider getting your own. Although their large size can be intimidating, they’re overall gentle rabbits with a good personality. Use these guidelines to provide good care for this breed.