Some Basic Holland Lop Rabbit Care Tips For New Owners

The Holland Lop is one of the most popular rabbit breeds for indoor pets because of its look and size. There are many new owners that assume that these rabbit must be easy to care for. However, they need just as much love and attention as other breed. The following Holland Lop rabbit care tips are designed to act as a starting point to those considering this variety of bunny.

The first step in Holland Lop care is to create the perfect enclosure for your new little friend.

Most rabbit owners will start with the rabbit cage. This is where they can sleep and eat when they are left alone in the home. Yet, it is best to create a bigger habitat with room to play and run around. This means a caged enclosure in the corner of the room, preferably somewhere with no electrical wire or other hazards. This space can include the cage, food and water bowls and a den. This den provides security and privacy for the rabbit, which is perfect with nervous new animals.

Then there is the food, water and other dietary needs for your Holland Lop pet.

It should go without saying that these animals need access to the best quality food and plenty of water throughout the day. This means provisions both within the enclosure and the cage. You can’t just have a food dish and water bowl in the run and leave them with nothing overnight. Water bottles that clip to the bars provide a steady flow.

Food also means a regular supply of hay to help with their teeth and digestion. Always make sure that the hay is clean and fresh. Not only will your new Holland Lop Bunny prefer that, it lessens the risk of mould and parasites.

Finally, be aware of the best approaches in hygiene and grooming.

Rabbits like the Holland Lop are pretty clean creatures, they like to be at their best and will groom themselves pretty well. However, they still need a helping hand, especially when living a more sheltered indoor lifestyle. Grooming means brushing the fur, checking their ears and eyes for infection and clipping their nails. Look out for safe nail clippers that are built for rabbits – not dogs or other pets – and learn to use them.

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Hygiene also means toilet training. The last thing that you want if your pet bunny leaving little droppings as it explores the home. A litter tray is the best option here. Some Holland Lop owners recommend a small cat tray with a metal grate. The grate discourages digging and keeps the droppings where they should be.

Get you new Holland Lop bunny the best life it can have.

It is important that you keep all of these care needs in mind when searching for a Holland Lop for sale. However, this really is just the start. Continue your research to find the very best products to enhance the life of your bunny. The better the enclosure and products you choose, the greater their quality of life. Don’t cut back on the standards of care for these animals. Treat them like the beloved family members that they are.